Client Profiles

Foundation Wealth Management may be right for you if you want a financial advisor to be proactive, provide continual guidance, help you think through financial decisions and keep you on track. We offer services to clients who fit into two broad categories, “The Millionaire Next Door” and “Clients Under the Age of 50 with the Millionaire Next Door Mindset“.

The Millionaire Next Door

Our primary focus is working with successful individuals and their families who don’t live beyond their means, don’t carry excessive debt and want to partner with advisors who share their values. Typically they fall into one of these three life stages:
  • Pre-retirement and Wealth-Accumulation Phase – This phase typically occurs 10 to 15 years before retirement. In this stage, you are paying down debt, in the process of paying for your children’s education, saving for retirement, and accumulating wealth. We help you to plan for all of these activities.
  • Retirement Red Zone – This phase occurs five years before or after retirement. In the retirement red zone, our main focus is to create and implement a solid plan for your transition into retirement. We help you to prepare and make any necessary adjustments, both before and after your retirement date.
  • Retired and Active – Individuals and families in retirement typically want to establish a consistent income stream, mitigate taxes, and preserve their wealth. We take care of the details so that you can enjoy the retirement you’ve worked so hard to earn.

How to Know If Foundation Wealth Management Right for You?

Financial health is very personal and we respect the fact that not everybody is a good fit for our services.  Our clients recognize that partnering with the right advisor can help them avoid poor decisions or costly mistakes and gives them more confidence and security over their personal finances.

FWM Might Be Right for You If:

  • You want to establish a cash flow plan where you don’t spend beyond your means and secure your financial future.
  • You recognize the importance of financial advice on all areas of your financial life including cash flow management, debt management, retirement planning, portfolio management, risk management, etc.
  • You believe in a long term investment strategy that utilizes low cost funds, is globally diversified, tax efficient and coordinated with a financial plan.
  • You recognize that building wealth over time by setting and achieving goals is the best approach to a secure future.

FWM Might Not Be a Good Fit for You If:

  • You are looking for a one time financial plan or advice.
  • You are trying to find the lowest cost provider.
  • You enjoy personal finance and want to manage things on your own.