Our Fee Structure

A larger portfolio does not translate into substantially more work. Just because you have built more wealth does not mean you should be charged more. We have been working with individuals and families for over 20 years and simply do not believe in the conventional wall street advisor approach. We charge a flat fee for our wealth management services that includes financial planning and asset management.

How We Compare To Other Advisory Firms

While other advisors disclose their fee in percentages, they typically do not disclose their fee in dollar amounts. It doesn’t seem very transparent or easy to grasp, and that should come as no surprise. Below is a chart to help shed light on how advisors charge and to help you compare our fee to other advisors. We list the average financial advisor fees (investment management fees) by percentage based on a *2021 study done by AdvisoryHQ. We show what it equates to in dollar amounts given various portfolio sizes. As you can see, even at our maximum fee we are competitively priced.

Portfolio Size
*Average Advisors’
Fee Schedule (Percentage)
*Average Advisors’
Annual Fee (Dollars)
FWM’s Maximum
Annual Fee
$1.5 million .94% $14,100 $12,000
$2 million .91% $18,200 $12,000
$2.5 million .88% $22,000 $12,000
$5 million .84% $42,000 $12,000

Controlling the cost of financial advice is an important piece of the puzzle that should not be overlooked. We are committed to providing services that are transparent and fairly priced so your advisory costs don’t wind up impeding your wealth building and preservation goals.