Summary of Services

Comprehensive Wealth Management

Our planning services include ongoing financial analysis and forecasting, professional evaluation and advice, specific recommendations and implementations, a structure for making decisions, and accountability–all so that we can enable people to make effective financial decisions, and to find ways to become more sound in their personal and business lives. Often people work with us to put issues into perspective, to help make important financial decisions that require professional analysis and delegate the implementation to an advisor that they trust.

Below is a summary of our wealth management services. These are essential components in building a solid foundation to grow and protect your net worth, secure your financial future and achieve your long term life goals:

  • Discover and help to prioritize Client’s short and long-term goals and aspirations.
  • Identify life transitions that Client is and expects to be experiencing.
  • Gather & organize Client’s data and documents.
  • Analyze Client’s financial condition, challenges and opportunities as they relate to the goals of the Client.
  • Comprehensive review of Client’s:
    • Cash Flow
    • Investments
    • Retirement
    • Employee Benefits
    • College Funding Analysis
    • Insurance
    • Tax
    • Estate
  • Develop an investment strategy that attempts to balance Client’s goals and tolerance for volatility.
  • Develop a risk management strategy that attempt to balance the Client’s goals and tolerance for risk.
  • Help Client with financial implications of life transitions.
  • Provide written recommendations and alternatives to help client achieve stated goals.
  • Help to Implement financial decisions.
  • Investor Education
  • Develop investment guidelines and approach.
  • Construct & Implement a low-cost diversified investment portfolio
  • Perform trading, paperwork & maintenance of portfolio
  • Ongoing monitoring & portfolio reporting
  • Re-balance the portfolio when appropriate
  • Re-allocate the portfolio due to changes in the economy, the Client’s objectives, or performance of fund manager selected.
  • Tax loss harvesting (where applicable)
  • Help Client with any financial decisions or questions that come up throughout the year.
  • Review financial plan regularly.
  • Meet regularly with Client to review goals and progress.
  • Monitor life transitions that Client is and expects to be experiencing.
  • Update financial plan regularly as needed.
  • Ongoing tax planning
  • Strategize and coordinate with other Advisors (accountants, attorneys, insurance agents, etc.)
  • Take the financial worry, messy details, and burden off of Client’s hands and delegate it to us.

Please call us for a complimentary meeting to discuss in more detail your specific situation and we can help you determine the best path forward.