How We’re Different

What Sets Us Apart From Other Financial Planners?

  • Fee-Only Financial Advisors: We work for you and not for an insurance company, investment service, or brokerage firm. In other words, we only collect fees from our clients. We’re not commissioned salespeople representing financial services products on behalf of a firm. This removes any conflict of interest and ensures that the financial advice we provide is in truly in your best interests.
  • We Listen: We believe good communication is key to a successful advisory relationship and it is essential that we listen carefully and often. We prefer collaborative conversations to fancy presentations. We are not a Wall Street firm. We have a relaxed office atmosphere as well as a casual dress code. We want you to be comfortable when you work with us. We are down to earth, easy to talk with and we will listen to you.
  • Emphasis on long-term value and financial planning: We’re not in this to take risks with your money or focus only on short term gains. Our focus on your comprehensive financial plan and regular evaluations of your financial situation sets us apart from traditional money managers – our clients are people, not portfolios. Whether your goal is to retire comfortably, afford college, or to be able to sleep through the night during a market downturn our emphasis is on having the right plan in place for you.
  • Client Education: We put a strong emphasis on client education. The more you know the better decisions you can make based on the advice we provide. We cherish our relationship with our clients and make recommendations accordingly.
  • Trusted Credentials and Experience: We’re members of NAPFA (The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors). The country’s leading professional association of Fee-Only financial advisors. We’ve worked at some of the country’s top financial planning firms and have helped numerous families and individuals throughout the tri-state area organize their financial lives and get on track financially.