Our Philosophy

We believe that life is meant to be spent doing things that are fun and rewarding not spent worrying about money and feeling stressed over financial decisions. The future cannot be predicted and neither can the stock market. The best financial approach is having a good understanding of your goals and having a sound plan in place to achieve them. Panic is never a strategy, whether markets are up or down you should have a plan in place to get you through. The worst financial approach may come from following generic advice in financial publications and listening to well intended friends, family or the media.

We believe in the power of trust and the value of synergy. A team approach, effective communication, and a long term strategy tailored to your specific situation will win over chasing “hot” stocks and short-term returns.

Our role is to provide financial leadership and guidance. We’re here to get you on track and stay on track financially.

What We Commit to You

  • To act as your fiduciary – treating your money with the same care and prudence that we would treat our own. We will make recommendations that we believe are best for you even if it means less revenue to our firm.
  • To have no allegiance to any company, product, or service, beyond our belief in its ability to help you reach your goals.
  • To get to know you, your personal goals, your struggles and challenges regarding money, and to tailor our recommendations so that they help you create an abundant and free financial life.
  • To treat your financial information in strict confidentiality.
  • To treat you with respect, professionalism, honesty, and to maintain an open attitude toward the goals and information you present to us.
  • To deliver important advice even if it may create discomfort in the short-term. In our experience, our clients have found our honesty to be beneficial in situations where we have identified unrealistic expectations or a pattern of living beyond one’s means, or a disconnect between stated goals and financial decisions.

Recognizing our fiduciary responsibility to clients and the public, we will uphold the highest standards of care in the industry by espousing and practicing:

Objectivity, Competence, Fairness, Full Disclosure, Confidentiality, Integrity and Honesty.